Securus Technologies Deflates the Bad Balloon

As one of the leading communications providers in the United States, Securus Technologies provides services to corrections institutions, law enforcement organizations and safety associations. They work with over 3,400 clients and over 1.2 million inmates and their immediate families.


The technology platform with Securus works with Andriod phones, iPhones, tablets, and regular landline configurations. There are several plans that are available from direct billing, collect calls, prepaid plans and inmate debit which has the inmate pay the phone charges.


It extraordinary how many companies just don’t take into account that their customers must be satisfied with the service they receive, or they won’t continue to stay with a company.


Unfortunately, a competitor, GTL recently was badmouthing Securus badly, to the point that it almost became slanderous. The direction that GTL was going with untrue information maintaining that their services and pricing structure put Securus to shame. In fact, there was absolutely nothing true about anything they said as if all of the information was coming from the Joker in Batman.


It got to the point where Securus had to do something about all of the nonsense, so they decided to put out a challenge to GTL. Each company would publicaly display the metrics of their equivalent servicing and pricing metrics to be compared by an independent and disinterested third party. The judgment would rest on his determination and his only.


Once the offer was made public, GTL was silent. Nothing at all. Then after a few weeks, GTL quietly notified Securus that they would not be willing to engage in the challenge.

The truth only hurts the dishonest, but it was the truth that won the day.


Different Ways Online Reputation Can Be Ruined

If there is one thing that is to be said about life in general, it is a lot easier and quicker to fall down than it is to climb up. The same could be said for online reputation management. All it takes is one bad review for the company to lose customers. This is why it is important to be ready for any mentions. However, reviews are not the only way online reputation can be ruined. There are a few other ways that one could face a hit in online reputation. Therefore, it is important to watch the different aspects of his interaction.

One way that online reputation could be ruined is by the business owner himself. Often times, the business owner could say or do something that is not good for his business. In many cases, a remark that has been made can often be brought to light so that other customers could see. As a result, the customers will not like what the business owner has to say and will back away from the business for plenty of reasons. According to, among the reasons that the customer may back away is out of principle.

Fortunately, society is a lot more forgiving than one would thing. All that needs to happen is for the business owner to acknowledge his own mistake so that he will be able to move forward while gaining some customers back. Of course there will be new customers. However, it is important for any bad news to be removed from the front page of the search results. For one thing, people will look up information about a company on search engines.


Mike Heiligenstein and the MoPac project

There was an argument in which American-Statesman said that there was a possibility of an increase of traffic congestion in Austin and that is why the community needs a technological solution to solve that growing problem. The statesman was right because there is the need for multiple resources so that the traffic problems can be encountered before things get out of hand. The Central Texas, Regional Mobility Authority, does such work.


The body led by Mike Heiligenstein who is the executive director ensures that there are solutions for to the problems facing mobility. They have had significant achievement since establishment having built 183A Toll Road in Cedar Park and Leander. It has so far brought central transformations to the communities which have potential growth. They have had a couple of achievements. The company is a private organization which was established by the inhabitants of Travis and Williamson Counties.


The Mobility Authority has a mission of ensuring that they are innovative regarding infrastructure by coming up with technologically advanced solutions. There are new MoPac Express Lanes which the institution is building with which makes use of technology that is sophisticated with the aim of managing the traffic.


Since there is the need for smart roads, the regional mobility under the firm leadership of Mike Heiligenstein is dedicated to ensuring that they make use of up to date technology so that they can achieve their mission of creating roads that are effective to the users. They will make use of fiber lines which will be embedded in the 183 project of the South. The Mobility has established a partnership with Metropia so that they can come up with an app for mobile traffic and integrate it with their system for monitoring traffic.


His report is essential, and the resident can learn from the report that there is also the need to pedal and also walk. His statements go hand in hand with Mobility because they build Shared use paths along their projects.


About Mike Heiligenstein


Mike Heiligenstein has been a successful Executive Director of the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority in Austin, Texas. The agency is independent and began in the year 2002. Its aim was to come up with a modern design of transportation network in central Texas.