Kim Dao – A Popular Blogger From Australia

Kim Dao is a popular social media influencer, blogger, and YouTuber who has worked with several brands. She is known for expression of her expertise and passion when it comes to subjects relating to travel, makeup, and fashion. Being an Australian, Kim Dao studied Japanese and Psychology while pursuing her Bachelor’s Degree from Western Australia University. Kim Dao started her blogging career in 2011. This is the time when she visited Japan for the first time. Even though her first blog was something related to her first trip to Japan, it gained interest among readers who were seeking for an enlightening and entertaining resource about traveling. After realizing that she had potential in blogging, Kim Dao decided to expand the content of her site, which currently includes information about popular cultures, travel, fashion, and makeup. Learn more:

According to Kim Dao, the increasing number of readers on her site was an indication of an exponential increase in her talent. As a result, Kim became actively involved in social media platforms. She started developing YouTube videos as one of the methods of interacting with her loyal readers. Kim also depends on her frequent interactions with her followers for the generation of new ideas. With her popularity across several digital platforms, Kim Dao has experienced the opportunity to work with numerous notable brands. She has appeared in several outlets of Japanese television and Australian media organizations as well. Kim Dao did not plan to become a famous blogger. The idea of Kim Dao Blog started when she documented her first journey to Japan. Learn more: