Take A Walk Down Memory Lane By Through A Brief History The Trabuco

A long time ago before civilization came knocking humans lived in an era which was consistently a war zone with different countries trying to attack each other with an aim to expand their territories or for economic gains. In respect to that, each of these nations was either always trying to keep itself ready for war or developing better strategies to attack its neighbor, and in between the two, the trabucos was born. Most of us probably have no clue what that is and for this group don’t worry we got you.

Trabuco or the trebuchet in French was a siege weapon which was quite famous in the middle age as it could easily crush the walls of enemies or fire warheads on them. By crashing the walls, it helped the attacking armies gain easy access to the other country. Sometimes trabuco would be used to throw people and animals with contagious diseases at the enemy.

It traces its origin to China and the Middle East and was heavily used by the Europeans as it was quite a terrifying weapon at a time when no better weapons were present according to dicio.com.br. Apart from that, it was easy to manufacture and to maintain which made it even more appealing to the governments of many states back then. Besides, its mechanism was quite simple as it only operates by turning gravitational energy into kinetic and so forth. Since its discovery, there, have been just two types of trabucos. Humans manually ran the first one being tensile and. It could hurl a 140 pound stone at a distance of 800 meters and could throw up to four which was quite impressive considering that it was an uncivilized era on infoescola.com. Nonetheless, being manually operated meant that it came with a whole load of difficulties. For instance, it was quite challenging to ensure that all the people pulling strings had the same level of force. As they say, necessity is the mother of invention, these challenges forced the people using the tensile Trabuco to develop a better one, and that is how the hybrid one came about. This one could throw a 400 pound stone over a longer distance. Owing to its effectiveness, it was embraced very fast especially by the Europeans. Nonetheless, the Trabuco became outdated after the discovery of gunpowder. There are just a few remaining in museums for educative purposes, and teachers use smaller versions to explain mechanical projects.

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