The Internet of Things with Jason Hope

Jason Hope is an entrepreneur who has a passion for developing and improving the technology of the world. As both a futurist and a philanthropist, he enjoys serving his local community. He is an Arizona native who currently lives in Scottsdale, Arizona. He attended Arizona State University where he earned his bachelor’s degree in finance and his Master of Business Administration from the W.P. Carey School of Business.

Internet of Things
Jason Hope continuously researches and writes about ongoing trends in the technology sector. He is a big supporter of the Internet of Things, which is a technology service where devices can sync with one another. The amount of devices that can be connected through the Internet of Things is expansive. Devices such as street lights, household appliances and car technology can connect with one another through the Internet of Things. The service is beneficial in the fact that it increases the efficiency of data sharing and decreases the waste involved when sharing data.

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Jason Hope is optimistic in the fact that he believes the Internet of Things will allow businesses to run better and will be one of the largest advancements of the technology industries. As additional businesses continue to use the Internet of Things, Jason Hope believes that the service will be increasingly necessary for businesses to use. Due to the fact that more businesses will be using the service, other businesses will need to also utilize it in order to stay competitive within their respective markets.

While the Internet of Things will have a wide array of uses within the business realm, Jason Hope also believes that it will make conditions safer in the world. Public transportation companies have been using the service to better monitor routes and decrease the amount of harmful conditions that passengers are subjected to. In turn, this will also decrease the amount of traffic on roadways. With less traffic and fewer vehicles on the road at any given moment, pollution is also expected to decrease as a result of the Internet of Things. Major improvements lie within the release of the service.

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