How The US Money Reserve’s New Website Can Help Out Their Customers

The US Money Reserve has become one of the most trusted precious metal investment companies in the world and they are pleased to announce they have a new website to make the user experience even more satisfying.

The new website has interactive buttons and menus on it to help point users to the right pages and even has one page with the image of their current president Philip N. Diehl on it with a word to new investors.

The technical team at US Money Reserve felt it was time to add a more interesting look to their company that would keep customers coming back to make new purchases.

Philip N. Diehl accomplished a lot as US Mint Director from 1992 to 2000 including raising the profits and returns to taxpayers by $2.6 billion.

Diehl was the founder behind the 50 States Quarters and the Sacagawea dollar of the late 1990s, and more recently he joined a group of congressmen and currency authorities to legalize the minting of a platinum bullion. Though his influence in politics has been less in recent years, he is committed to educating the public on coins and the reasons to choose gold and silver.

Gold and silver are more stable than paper currency, and while their prices can fluctuate depending on the current demand, they are still great assets to have if the market were to take a downturn. Such problems that could cause a downturn could be bad political policies either in the US or abroad, a major war, a trade deficit or anything that could cause rapid inflation.

One handy tool that US Money Reserve provides on their website is a transfer kit with information packets. With the transfer kit you can move existing investments including IRAs into gold or silver assets depending on which ones meet your needs.

According to Crunchbase, most prices of gold and silver coins, bars and other bullion are found on the US Money Reserve website, but if you have questions or need guidance in making a purchase there are live representatives there to help you through Client-Connect Advantage. There’s also more information about the investment risks associated with each precious metal form.