Ricardo Tosto, Excellent Professional In Law

Ricardo Tosto is an elite entrepreneur. Throughout the time of Tosto’s career, he has earned a bachelor’s degree in law and a degree in business administration as well. After earning his degree, Ricardo Tosto opened his own law firm in Brazil. The name of his law firm is Leite, Tosto and Barros Advogados.

Ricardo’s law firm has been open for 27 years now. They have gained tons of recognition over the years. They are now one of the largest law firms in Brazil. His company has been able to grow quickly by providing legal representation on high profile cases.

Ricardo Tosto has a high level of integrity and he always provides the best defense for his clients. Whenever there is doubt in a case, Ricardo does his best to help his clients maintain their innocence. Ricardo Tosto is known for honoring his clients privacy while on a case. He is a skilled professional and he will protect his clients.

As of now, Ricardo has began mentoring prospective lawyers. Since becoming a mentor, Ricardo has been recognized as a skilled leader. All the trainees that he has mentored, finish the mentorship as a strong defense attorney. Ricardo is proud of everything that he has been able to accomplish over the years.

Ricardo Tosto and his firm recently received attention from the press for a case that he was representing. The Portal of the Superior Court of Justice published the details of the case on December 11. The report detailed that Ricardo is helping his client retrieve proper division of assets in a divorce case. Even though the details of the case were released, the press did not provide the name of the individuals in the case.

The case dealt with a couple who had been separated for a while, in the process of getting a divorce. During this time, the husband received an

inheritance from his family. Even though they were separated, the wife felt entitled half because they were still legally married. In the end, there were a few hiccups in this case from both parties. The court decided that the couple would have to split assets.


Jeremy Goldstein Shares Invaluable Stock Option Insight

A recently published article from thereisnoconsensus.com gives an in-depth analysis of stock options for employees, as well as how their employer can potentially profit from the exchange. Paraphrasing the legal and economic expertise of Jeremy Goldstein, an accomplished professional, the outlet claims that employers have stopped providing their employees with stock options. This development has the potential to be for a number of reasons, and will surely vary from employer to employer. Most commonly companies withhold stock options from employees to save money, however, as the practice has the potential to be a costly transaction. Goldstein tells us that by using the ‘Knockout‘ strategy both businesses and workers can benefit from the open exchange of stock options. The method allows employees to receive stocks that are comparable in value to increased wages and helps companies keep stock values high. In other words, a win-win situation all around.

Such insight can only come from years of experience, which Jeremy Goldstein has in spades. A graduate of the New York School of Law, Goldstein’s pool of knowledge is comprehensive and vast. Furthermore, Goldstein operates out of the greater New York City Area, which is amongst the most competitive places to practice in the nation. This steep competition only lends additional clout to Goldstein and gives his insight additional value. With a varied array of skills, ranging from corporate governance to mergers and acquisitions, Goldstein has the sort of knowledge many companies would pay top dollar to acquire.

Additionally, Goldstein has served on the board of prestigious law journal Fountain House for several years. This experience has translated to a plethora of insider knowledge for Goldstein, the majority of which has the potential to benefit anyone who cares to listen. A passionate, driven individual, Jeremy Goldstein is an exalted legal professional by any set of standards. Learn more: http://jlgassociates.com/