The Story Behind the Global Influence OSI Industries Has Attained

Any company that grows portrays great leadership. One reason many companies stagnate or even collapse is poor leadership. OSI Group is among the companies that have had competent and skilled leaders from the launching day. The food manufacturing sector would not have expanded if the OSI Industries were properly managed. The company has opened other branches in about 17 countries. Chicago, Illinois is where the main offices of the company are found. Although the company has grown to a multi-million industry today, it’s important to know it started as a small butcher shop in the city of Chicago. Some people find this unbelievable since the company has attained a multinational worth of more than $6 billion.

It’s amazing how OSI Industries came to be. Otto Kolschowsky, a German immigrant, established this company in the 1900s. McDonald’s is one of the retail food supply franchises that inspired the company to get to where it is today. It would not have been easy for the OSI Industries to achieve the immense success without the McDonald’s contributions. The company was called Otto $ Sons before it attained its new name. McDonald’s restaurant contracted it in the 1950s to OSI Industries supply beef products. It’s important to appreciate all the subsequent managers who have served in this company since it was founded since they haven’t compromised its standards.

Today, David McDonald and Sheldon Lavin are the top leaders serving as the president and CEO respectively. Two things have contributed to the success OSI Industries has attained today; technology revolution and food retail chain businesses that have been established. The food product supply of this company has continued to increase even when the economic wave blows to a contrary direction. The company grew from supplying food products locally to supplying them globally. As the company grew, demands became more. Mass production and food reservation became necessary.

What the company has shown is that proper management is the backbone of every thriving business you see. Although the founder and his two sons may not have done what the managers who came later did, the vision they had is what these managers pursue. The development process of OSI Industries has been continuous. The demand for food products from the company became great, and this caused the management to build a big food manufacturing plant. Illinois is the state where the first manufacturing plant was built in 1975. The company has more than 65 food supply facilities across the world supplying beef, pork, and chicken products.

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The Habanero Shaker: A Touch of Magic

Joel Friant is a serial entrepreneur who has tasted the waters in a variety of industry sectors on his way to finally doing what he does today. He started in real estate and home renovations before moving to being a restaurateur, creating the first Fast Food Thai Concept in the country. It was at this moment that he developed a passion for Habanero Chile Pepper which prompted him to create the “Habanero Shaker.” In spite of the existing Habaneros in the market, Joel Friant created a product that stood out and proved to be of higher preference. He developed deep interested in the Habanero after initially being introduced to it by a high school friend; and later traveling to Jamaica and coming across the Scotch Bonnet, a Habanero variety that he fell in love with. At this point, Joel Friant felt that he should make the Habanero for more people experience and enjoy it as he did. The Habanero Shaker Joel Friant created a Habanero that has created a buzz in the market. Unlike the other Habanero available, the Shaker is a strongly flavored pepper. It has been described to be smoky and buttery by those who have tried it. The Habanero Shaker perfectly balances flavor and the amount of heat, super-hot with an incomparable flavor. The Habanero Joel Friant created has got a variety of health benefits that have been confirmed by scientific research. It contains a fair share of capsaicin, which stimulates the brain to produce endorphins, a natural pain reliever. These can also kill some types of bacteria that may be harmful to the body. There has been continuous research by scientists on the benefits of the Habanero. Discoveries have shown that capsaicin in them causes the stomach lining to secrete a substance that prevents ulcers. They also contain vitamins A and C that are very useful to the body.