Whitney Wolfe Herd Out to Take Down Silicon Valley Misogyny

Tech Crunch recently published Jordan Crook’s article “Bumble CEO Whitney Wolfe Herd Is Coming to Disrupt SF”. The article discusses the CEO’s tendency to follow her instincts and how that has led her to success.

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Wolfe Herd entered the tech scene working at Tinder as a co-founder and Vice President of Marketing. She helped usher in the era of mobile dating apps, where she led Tinder to become one of the largest dating platforms in the world. However, she recently left the company after a lawsuit concerning discrimination and sexual harassment. Though the case was settled out of court, she wanted to leave the company.

After leaving Tinder, she was determined to leave the dating industry all together. However, after encountering Andrey Adreeve, the Badoo founder, Whitney Wolfe Herd discovered that she needed to help women find their voice and power in the dating world. She created Bumble, an app that has nearly 30 million users and continues to rise on the market. The product is simple, women are the only ones who can make the first move. She has continued to add new markets to the app like Bumble BFF which allows people to connect with potential new friends. It has also added a business vertical called Bumble Bizz which takes networking to the phone. She has been called one of Time’s most influential people of the year.

Wolfe Herd was also featured in the Patch’s article by Amanda Moore, titled “Buzzing with Feminism: Whitney Wolfe Herd’s Journey to Queen Bee”. The article reveals how Whitney Wolf is determined to give women a voice in the dating arena, helping them prevent sexual harassment while also fighting the misogyny so present in the tech world in San Francisco.

After dealing with sexual harassment at Tinder, Whitney Wolfe Herd was determined to help create female empowerment in both the workspace and the dating world. Bumble works in a similar way to the Sadie Hawkins dance where the women are the ones who make the first move. Bumble only allows women to initiate the conversation with prospective matches. The app has been a big hit for Wolfe Herd, it is valued at nearly a billion dollars and is one of the most popular apps for dating in the U.S.

Whintey Wolfe Herd grew up in Salt Lake City, Utah. She went to school at the Southern Methodist University where she graduated with a degree in International Studies.

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Doe Deere – Article recap

When Russian born Fashionista Doe Deere, also known as the “Unicorn Queen” hit the beauty world, no one knew what to expect. While studying fashion design in New York City, where she grew up, Doe began by designing her own clothing line before founding her unique company Lime Crime Cosmetics. While modeling her clothing for her online clothing line, she found that her trendsetting designs tended to be incomplete with the uninspiring makeup on the market. Consequently from there it was only a short step to designing her own boldly colorful cosmetics to her repertoire, making her one of the few female entrepreneurs to attain success in the field in 2008.



How did she build her company and when did it become profitable?



Doe designed and launched Lime Crime clothing in 2004 through eBay online by creating a digital and began achieving marginal success within a year. With her inspired creativity, her collection of vividly inspiring cosmetics followed in 2008. Using a blog with makeup tutorials brought the first sales as well as holding online contests. These unique cosmetics captured the eye of many animal lovers with cruelty-free and vegan cosmetics that were affordable as well as beautiful. Using a blog with makeup tutorials brought the first sales along holding online contests. Building a fan base headlining contests such as “Must-Be-Pink!”, along with giveaways of fantasy-style accessories contributed to larger sales. Her initial line included magically inspired intense colors of blush, glitter, primers and fine brushes. Each exotic creation included online makeup tutorials to complete the look.



Marketing strategy and what has made Lime Crime successful.



Doe Deere believes that input from others has had the most influence on her success. She therefore believes it is important to stay open to clients who give feedback on her cosmetics. Her philosophy is to “take criticism in stride” as a way to develop the brand. Being able to accept constructive criticism and respond appropriately in all aspects including social media and advertising helps the product grow. Doe believes it is also important to give talks on topics that are important to her at venues as she did at the PHAMExpo and Vegas Nay’s Stardust Tour. As one of the few successful female entrepreneurs, she enjoys offering practical advice to encourage others to follow their ambitions.



For someone who claims that they were “pretty bad at makeup until I was well into my 20s”, Doe Deere has used unprecedented ways to become the bright and successful entrepreneur that she is today. Beginning by posting experimental or “BAD” makeup looks online in 2006 using theatrical makeup she caught the attention of thousands of women who checked out her blog just to see what she would come up with next. Since then she has brought fun to the cosmetic world with her extensive and exotic Lime Crime line of cosmetics.


Visit https://limecrime.com to learn more.

The Academy of Art University Provided Incredible Designers For New York Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week is about launching new names to find new talent. The Academy of Art University’s School of Fashion has delighted guests with 21 runway showcases. They recently debuted two menswear collections and five for women. The school is a non-profit privately-owned college in San Francisco, founded by Richard S. Stephens. Over twelve thousand students attend the Academy of Art University, and are taught by 283 teachers and more than a thousand part-timers. The campus is located just south of the Market district.


The designers have extremely diverse backgrounds from across the globe. The audience is always impressed with their techniques, craftsmanship and silhouettes. The runway showing takes workshops, internships, classes and hours of labor for fifteen minutes of runway fame. According to the Academy’s Graduate Director of Fashion, Jayne Foster, these designers will be the leaders and inspiration for the next generation due to their fashion visions.


Beginning in 2005, the Academy of Art University has been an annual participant in New York’s Fashion Week. The students are transported to the event on a fleet of private busses. The looks at this year’s showing were fabulous and included dresses, outerwear and separates make from PVC and vinyl by designer Hailun Zhou. An amazing use of organic denim, bike tubes and recycled rubber by Eden Slezin, and the comfort, warmth and luxurious materials of designer Dina Marie Lamb.


The Academy of Art University featured numerous incredible designers in Fashion Week. Carlos Rodriguez used traditional machine and hand embroidery techniques to create comfortable knitwear from wool blends. Saya Shen made a splash with digital prints feature nature scenes on oversized silhouettes. Joanna Jadallah designed a beautiful collection using lambskin leather, suiting fabrics, brocades, lightweight wool and cashmere knits.


The Academy of Art University prepares their students to become professionals in the design field. Their graduate and undergraduate degrees, portfolio development programs and certificates help ensure excellence in their students. They provide encouragement, so their students can develop their talent, creativity and technical skills with professional knowledge and skill. The environment is challenging, supportive and heightens creativity. Their services and programs are of optimal quality.


Kate Hudson Finds Great Success with Fabletics

Success is nothing new to celebrity Kate Hudson. She’s one of the most renowned actors of Hollywood, and she’s a world-renowned fashion icon. For years, fans loved her hilarious romantic comedies and brilliant fashion sense. Now, fans are falling in love with her activewear brand, Fabletics.

Kate Hudson launched Fabletics just over three years ago. Since then, she’s grown the company into a $250 million business. Fabletics plays right into the trend made popular by millennials. Kate’s dedication to health and fitness also inspired her to create a fashionable fitness wear brand.

Kate remembers watching her mother’s passion for her career. That inspired her to want to pursue every dream she ever dreamed. One of her dreams was starting her own fashion brand. As activewear’s become more popular, thanks to its comfort, starting her own activewear line seemed like the best idea. Also, she wants every member of Fabletics to feel about themselves the way she feels about herself.

Fabletics is also at the forefront of high-value brands. Historically, high-value brands only required that companies have good prices and somewhat high-quality goods or services. These days, the modern consumer wants more from their favorite brands.

After years of e-commerce success, Kate Hudson decided to take her brand to the physical market. Opening physical stores is a lot different from launching an e-commerce site. Physical stores face hundreds of problems. They cost more to run and maintain, and society seems to be moving on to more online shopping.

So, what was Fabletics thinking when they decided to open physical stores? Firstly, they had a new strategy to bring customers in the door. Secondly, they filled their stores with items that local members were more likely to buy. And thirdly, they offer a free lifestyle quiz for curious people who are considering becoming members.

Many have reviewed Fabletics, and many agree that it’s worth the money spent. One reviewer has gotten a lot of attention for her detailed review of the brand on her blog. In her blog, she talked about buying a pair of leggings which rival the quality of her Lululemon Underwunders.

She also talked about the amazing prices. Depending on the items, Fabletic’s members can buy two or three items for the same price of one pair of leggings from a more expensive brand.

Amazon Keeping Close Tabs on Kate Hudson’s Fabletics

When you are dominating the online apparel market for so long, you don’t have to look over your shoulder too often because you command over 20 percent of the sales in that niche. If Amazon thinks they can simply rest of their morals, they are going to discover one company in particular is going to close that gap and pass the retail giant in short order. Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has pulled in over $250 million in the same space as Amazon, and this company appears to show zero signs that they are slowing down.


When Hudson talks about her athleisure brand, in addition to her detailing how this line of workout apparel and women’s active-wear is high-quality, she talks about the reverse showrooming sales process and her unique customer membership package. To get a better understanding as to why this company has made so much in such a short period of time, we visit the Fabletics stores at the mall and see the buying process in full swing. Here you will see women of all ages trying on the large variety of active-wear, taking part in the Lifestyle Quiz, and grabbing the free Fablectics membership. This is a real buyers experience, with no pressure to make purchases while in the stores.


The real magic happens when the same women who were shopping in the Fabletics retail stores are home shopping online. When they visit the Fabletics website, all those items they were trying on at the mall have been moved over to the customers online shopping profile. This makes it easier to buy because no longer is size an issue, everything that fit perfectly in the store is on the online profile, so women simply look for similar colors and styles, and fill up the cart in the process. Compare this to the Amazon experience. where you order one item and wait for it to arrive before knowing whether or not it fits. Then, if it doesn’t fit, you ship it back, wait for a credit, and then order another until you get the piece that fits.


At Kate Hudson’s Fabletics, it is all about treating women who do all that shopping, with a better overall experience. The membership also includes the help of a personal shopper once a month, free shipping on any online orders, and discounted apparel prices throughout the online store. Amazon may want to keep closer tabs on Kate Hudson’s Fabletics before they lose that coveted top retail spot.