Whitney Wolfe Keeps Moving Forward And Surprising Spectators

Whitney Wolfe is making stand to end misogyny. She is also taking time to work on developing a skin care line of products. No one would have ever thought that a woman that started a dating app would change the world in these ways, but it appears that this is exactly what Whitney Wolfe wants to do. She wants to be a person that changes the world. She wants to have a much bigger platform to help women in business as she continues to develop her own business. Follow Whitney Wolfe on Instagram for more updates.

Female entrepreneurs cannot help but to be inspired. If they’re take a serious look at what Whitney Wolfe is doing they can see that she is someone that is conditioned to take something that was bad and turn it into something that is good. Some may have said that the odds were against her when she left one of the most powerful dating apps in recent years. What people have discovered, however, is that Whitney Wolfe was tougher than anyone could have ever assumed.

She decided to get right back on track and build a whole new way for people to look at the concept of date. This is what she would initially start her business doing. As time progressed she would engage in things that would allow her to build her business up even more. Her ability to go from starting a dating app to considering a line of skin care products shows the wide spectrum of ideals that are on her mind. Even though she is still very much in the newlywed stage of her marriage she is serious about the work that she does, and her business continues to thrive because of her great connection to many different platforms.

No one would have expected Whitney Wolfe to move from one dating app to another dating app and expand her business in the way that she has. This may be the most interesting aspect of all of the interesting things that have happened inside of Bumble. People have witnessed a woman that was new to the business world become an experienced professional.

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Whitney Wolfe Herd Out to Take Down Silicon Valley Misogyny

Tech Crunch recently published Jordan Crook’s article “Bumble CEO Whitney Wolfe Herd Is Coming to Disrupt SF”. The article discusses the CEO’s tendency to follow her instincts and how that has led her to success.

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Wolfe Herd entered the tech scene working at Tinder as a co-founder and Vice President of Marketing. She helped usher in the era of mobile dating apps, where she led Tinder to become one of the largest dating platforms in the world. However, she recently left the company after a lawsuit concerning discrimination and sexual harassment. Though the case was settled out of court, she wanted to leave the company.

After leaving Tinder, she was determined to leave the dating industry all together. However, after encountering Andrey Adreeve, the Badoo founder, Whitney Wolfe Herd discovered that she needed to help women find their voice and power in the dating world. She created Bumble, an app that has nearly 30 million users and continues to rise on the market. The product is simple, women are the only ones who can make the first move. She has continued to add new markets to the app like Bumble BFF which allows people to connect with potential new friends. It has also added a business vertical called Bumble Bizz which takes networking to the phone. She has been called one of Time’s most influential people of the year.

Wolfe Herd was also featured in the Patch’s article by Amanda Moore, titled “Buzzing with Feminism: Whitney Wolfe Herd’s Journey to Queen Bee”. The article reveals how Whitney Wolf is determined to give women a voice in the dating arena, helping them prevent sexual harassment while also fighting the misogyny so present in the tech world in San Francisco.

After dealing with sexual harassment at Tinder, Whitney Wolfe Herd was determined to help create female empowerment in both the workspace and the dating world. Bumble works in a similar way to the Sadie Hawkins dance where the women are the ones who make the first move. Bumble only allows women to initiate the conversation with prospective matches. The app has been a big hit for Wolfe Herd, it is valued at nearly a billion dollars and is one of the most popular apps for dating in the U.S.

Whintey Wolfe Herd grew up in Salt Lake City, Utah. She went to school at the Southern Methodist University where she graduated with a degree in International Studies.

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