How the DACA Program has Transformed the United States

The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program has been facing serious attacks from GOP extremists in the past few months. Various networks and foundations that have been established by undocumented youths have received the information, and this has caused panic. DACA was created to protect young immigrants who have attained specific requirements from being deported. The plan also enabled them to be issued a social security number and permission to seek employment in the U.S. DACA permits expire after every two years, and they are renewable. Some states allow the beneficiaries of the programs to be supported by in-state-tuition fees and also access driver licenses.


Ken Paxton, who serves as the attorney general of Texas, recently sent a letter to the Trump administration to terminate the DACA program before September 5th. Paxton also stated that he would take legal action if his wishes are not considered by the government. The elimination of the plan will be done gradually whereby the authorities will stop the registration of new DACA beneficiaries and renewals will not be allowed. The secretary of homeland security, John Kelly, recently held an indoor meeting with the Hispanic Caucus members. According to him, the abolition of the DACA program would lead to the deportation of over 800,000 immigrants who have been registered under it. He also said that the courts had received several lawsuits opposing the existence of the program.


Dreamer and activists who support immigrant rights have discussed the issue in the past, and they are worried by Kelly’s remarks. The government has been running the DACA program for five years now, and it has had a positive impact on the country. Research indicates that about 95 percent of the plan’s beneficiaries are students, employed, or both. These individuals pay millions of dollars to American higher learning institutions as tuition fees. The immigrants always work hard to improve their income since they pay relatively high taxes. Most of the DACA-beneficiaries tend to spend their salaries in acquiring homes, cars, and opening businesses.


It is clear that the implementation of the DACA plan has been successful. Dreamers and advocates have been scared by the challenges that the program currently faces. Undocumented immigrants should avoid panicking and commit themselves to the fighting any forces that jeopardize DACA. People need to be determined the way they were in 2012 to ensure that the situation is solved. Lacey and Larking Frontera Fund has been striving to make sure that there is a permanent solution for the problem.