Debit Blockchain and Serge Belamant

When people discuss the most important technological innovations of the past 20 years there are a few standout technological developments that are typically brought up. These include devices like mobile and smartphones, laptops, fiber internet, and the whole of digital information technology, like Google, MSN, Amazon and any other new-age digital companies that have taken over the tech sphere. While the communications and internet changed society forever, the blockchain is poised to take over the hearts and minds of tech fans- and in many ways it already has.

Serge Belamant is among the very first people to develop practical blockchain technology. While most people know about the blockchain through popular cryptocurrencies like Dogecoin, BTC, Bitcoin, and others, there is another, potentially more lucrative and stronger use- that of processing transactions using the blockchain rather than standard internet connected servers. Right now, Net1 and Serge Belamant are releasing their patented, proprietary blockchain debit and credit transaction system for wide release.

The company is generating massive and ongoing free cash flow, so much so that it is absolutely possible for them to generate enough cash to purchase back any of the currently available remaining market shares. Serge Belamant and Net1 will likely be able to acquire those shares on or before the end of the 2023 financial quarter, which makes Net1 stock incredibly undervalued relative to its potential.

The way the system works is through processing EMV, that is European Mastercard and Visa transactions using the blockchain instead of the standard system used by merchants worldwide. Unlike the current system, Distributed ledger technology does not require the use of any sort of central/main computer to process the transaction. That means these transactions use the blockchain to verify that the funds are in fact there. This cuts out the banks as middlemen and gives a huge advantage to consumers looking to replace or change the way they interact with banks.

In the grand scheme of things, Serge Belamant and blockchain will change how most of us bank. The only thing to do is try and get on board the train before it takes off from the station.

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Why Dherbs Cleanse Has A Cult Following

A sluggish metabolism is often the reason people struggle to lose weight. One product, Dherbs Full Body Cleanse, an all-natural herbal supplement, has a cult following that boast a full list of celebrities, like Steve Harvey. But why has Dherbs Cleanse become so popular, especially with well-known celebrities? because their wellness plan is a big success.

Boosting Metabolism Helps Burn Fat Faster

Many ingredients act through the principle of thermogenesis: Certain ingredients increase the body temperature and thereby boost the entire metabolism – including fat burning. These “stimulating” substances include, for example Green Tea Leaf and Garcinia Fruit, both ingredients in Dherbs Cleanse.

Studies have repeatedly confirmed that thermogenic ingredients not only boost metabolism, but help in fat burning, thus helping with weight loss. In fact, laboratory experiments on mice have shown that green tea inhibits the uptake and processing of fat and sugar. So Dherbs Cleanse has a positive effect on your metabolic system. Related Links Click here.

Detoxifying The Body

Cleansing the body to maximize fat loss is not the only benefit. Dherbs Cleanse also detoxifies the body to break down and excrete pollutants. We are exposed to numerous pollutants everyday. Exhaust gases, residues of heavy metals and pesticides, and preservatives, fragrances, and dyes, and a host of other pollutants that accumulate in the body and weaken the immune system. Detoxifying the body removes these harmful substances and improves the performance of the entire body.

Detoxifying the body also supports the excretory organs such as liver, kidneys and intestines. The skin, lungs and lymphatic system are also involved. We are exposed to so many toxins that influence our body in a number of ways and for many, purification has become a necessary approach to living a healthier life.

If you generally want to be more attentive and less polluting to your body, Dherbs Body Cleanse eliminate those internal toxic substances, while stimulating your metabolic processes.

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The Success Of Krishen Iyer

One of the most amazing accomplishments Krishen Iyer ever achieved is when he managed to balance being a business owner with the trials and tribulation of being a successful student. As a sophomore at San Diego State, he established his very first business known as IHS Insurance back in 2002. It lasted for about ten years and, a few years later, he established another company known as Name My Premium in 2009. This business is designed to sell premium domain names to business owners in order to ensure their companies become more lucrative and help them stand apart from the competition. A couple years after starting this business, Krishen Iyer closed down his company in 2014, although it’s not clear why he decided to move on from that business.

A year later, he also walked away from his other company and, once again, he failed to provide a reason for why he decided to leave. Not long afterward, he established his current company which he named Managed Benefits Services. Because there are a lot of different marketing businesses out there who have unmet needs, the mission of MBS is to ensure these companies have everything they need to ensure their continued growth and prosperity for the foreseeable future. One of the concepts that most intrigues Krishen Iyer is marketing analytics as he believes it allows them to narrow their scope and focus primarily on their clients.

The best $100 Krishen Iyer ever spent is when he invited his colleagues out to a karaoke bar and offered free drinks to anyone who would get onstage and sing a song on the machine. One of his favorite books is Stephen King’s novel about how to write the perfect memoir as he believes it to be the perfect resource for attaining entrepreneurial success.

The Apology Issued by Papa Johns CEO

In light of recent events pertaining the NFL and Papa Johns pizza, Steve Ritchie issued and application letter to its consumers and anyone else who was offended by the comments and accusations against the NFL protest against the national flag and the national anthem. In his apology letter, Steve Ritchie distances the company and himself from such negativity but takes responsibility for the hurt and the pain it might have caused. He indicates, also, that the period that the comments were made were his toughest and hardest in his 22-year career at Papa Johns.

The NFL players were protesting the racial injustices and killings of unarmed black people, racism, inequality and social injustices and oppression of people of color in the United States. The main aim of the protest was to shine the light on this issues and get them the seriousness that they serve without violence or any other form of altercations. In his apology, Steve Ritchie illustrates his understanding and the weight of racism and promises that racial discrimination and the use of insensitive language, no matter the situation or circumstance, should not be tolerated by any company including Papa Johns.

Steve Ritchie Papa John’s appeals to the general public and Papa Johns consumers by pointing out that the company is made up of approximately twenty thousand employees, corporate and franchise, from all over the world. These people are members of our different communities, cultures and all with different opinions and a single purpose, to have a chance to offer the consumer better services and better products, pizza. Ritchie’s apology illustrates how the effects of diminishing sales in the company will trickle down to the same community and consumers of Papa Johns pizza, though their reaction to the company is very much justified.

Steve Ritchie Promise in the letter.

Like a good business person, Steve Ritchie (@stevemritchie) understands that the for the company to get back to the good graces of their market, there is a need for changes in the organization structure and culture. He promises to allow an independent audit into Papa Johns culture and values as a way of changing the perception the society at large. In this restructuring process, Steve Ritchie promises to be transparent to the public and to involve employees from all levels.

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The Internet of Things with Jason Hope

Jason Hope is an entrepreneur who has a passion for developing and improving the technology of the world. As both a futurist and a philanthropist, he enjoys serving his local community. He is an Arizona native who currently lives in Scottsdale, Arizona. He attended Arizona State University where he earned his bachelor’s degree in finance and his Master of Business Administration from the W.P. Carey School of Business.

Internet of Things
Jason Hope continuously researches and writes about ongoing trends in the technology sector. He is a big supporter of the Internet of Things, which is a technology service where devices can sync with one another. The amount of devices that can be connected through the Internet of Things is expansive. Devices such as street lights, household appliances and car technology can connect with one another through the Internet of Things. The service is beneficial in the fact that it increases the efficiency of data sharing and decreases the waste involved when sharing data.

Read more: IoT Futurist Jason Hope Parallels Challenges of Cryptocurrency and IOT as Industry Values Rise

Jason Hope is optimistic in the fact that he believes the Internet of Things will allow businesses to run better and will be one of the largest advancements of the technology industries. As additional businesses continue to use the Internet of Things, Jason Hope believes that the service will be increasingly necessary for businesses to use. Due to the fact that more businesses will be using the service, other businesses will need to also utilize it in order to stay competitive within their respective markets.

While the Internet of Things will have a wide array of uses within the business realm, Jason Hope also believes that it will make conditions safer in the world. Public transportation companies have been using the service to better monitor routes and decrease the amount of harmful conditions that passengers are subjected to. In turn, this will also decrease the amount of traffic on roadways. With less traffic and fewer vehicles on the road at any given moment, pollution is also expected to decrease as a result of the Internet of Things. Major improvements lie within the release of the service.

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Eric Lefkofsky and the Concept of Disruptive Acceleration

Eric Lefkofsky is a successful American businessman. He is also a billionaire who co-founded Tempus, InnerWorkings, Mediaocean, and several other firms. Tempus is a forward-thinking technology company that owns a clinical and molecular data library that happens to be the largest of its kind in the world.There is an operating system that makes that massive data base useful and accessible to the medical professionals.

Tempus is on a mission to amass medical information in such a way as to benefit others who follow behind those who were previously ill. The corporation places focus on curing cancer.Eric Lefkofsky wrote book “Accelerated Disruption.” Accelerated disruption can happen when business development moves at the speed of the next technology advancement. The businesses that thrive and survive are the ones that can understand and control the powerful forces of technology.Lefkofsky notes that every day disruptive business opportunities emerge.

There is always someone that has a better idea of how to get things done. Yet, so many people with disruptive business ideas allow business advantages to slip through the cracks because they fail to keep pace with the fast pace of technology.Eric Lefkofsky holds the distinction of being a serial entrepreneur. One of the reasons his is so successful is that he thoroughly understands technology in his day and age. He is also aware of trends and what people want and need in his day and age. Add to this his education at the University of Michigan along with a Juris Doctor degree, and his ability to understand the world around him is complete.

The Advantages Of Freedom Checks

If someone told you that you could invest your money in a special company and not have to pay taxes on the dividends, you would assume the person is either crazy or trying to lure you into a scam. This was the impression that most individuals had when they viewed the ad of Matt Badiali introducing Freedom Checks to average Americans. After much skepticism, the investment strategy has been proven to be a legitimate option for the Checks investors. The companies that issue these “checks” are called “Master Limited Partnerships” and Freedom Checks is the nickname that Matt Badiali gave to the distributions these companies pay to their shareholders.

In 1987 Congress passed laws to allow MLPs to operate as tax free companies if they paid substantial dividends to company shareholders and earned most of their revenues from producing, transporting or processing domestic natural resources.The government was trying to increase economic activity and set the stage for the US to eventually become energy independent.Individuals who invest in Freedom Checks tend to earn much higher dividends than traditional dividend-paying companies. MLPs also pass along their tax privileges to their shareholders in that the distributions they pay to their shareholders are not taxed. Tax savings and a higher dividend yield are the reasons that MLP investing can be one of the most profitable investment  ways for investors to compound their wealth over time.

Freedom Check investing may also be a great residual income source for a retiree, in addition to a social security payment or a 401 (k).Matt Badiali feels that there is also the potential for many MLPs to have their share prices soar in the years to come. This is because most MLPs are involved in the oil and gas industry and he is bullish on oil prices. Higher oil prices are going to cause the shares of most MLPs to soar. This is also going to increase the profits greatly of these companies and the shareholders of these companies are going to see a drastic rise in their Freedom Checks if higher oil prices do occur. Any investment carries some risk and MLPs are no different. It is important for investors to perform their own research to determine if Freedom Checks are an appropriate investment option.

Meet José Auriemo Neto, the Brain behind JHSF

JHSF Participacoes, SA is the leading property development company in Brazil. The company specializes in the development of high-end buildings and targets the high-income earners in the country and beyond. The company has invested significantly in residential and commercial property. The company is known for developing hotels, and public developments such as airports and shopping malls. In 2009, the company joined retail trading and started selling luxury brands through stores in the shopping malls. JHSF was founded in 1972 by two brothers, and it is based in Sao Paulo. JHSF has a great track record in the region for its ability to spot good opportunities that can be used for the benefit of the company and the real estate industry.

JHSF is ahead of others because of the ability to stick with quality and innovations. They have been coming up with sustainable solutions to the challenges of property development. Sustainability is becoming a necessity in almost every aspect of life. in the past four decades, the company has been involved in major developments especially in the major cities of Sao Paulo, Manaus, and Salvador. It is venturing into the international market with new developments coming up in New York and Uruguay. The company seems to trail its eyes on the international expansion that will be made possible by visionary leadership in the company.

JHSF has in recent years trying to transform its operation by investing in operation which brings recurring income. The change is meant to boost the revenues of the company. The company has a notable portfolio of developments around the country. It has even earned an award for the highest Corporate Governance Sector.

Sustainability is now a key factor in the operations of this company. Relevant bodies have certified the recent projects that it has been developing for observing high-quality environmental maintenance. This organization believes in supporting the community at all times. They have been working with the community in supporting a number of social responsibilities such as health, education, and others.

JHSF is led by Jose Auriemo Neto, the chief executive officer of the company. He took over the company from his father who is the founder.

The new round of funding that Marc Beer got for Renovia

Marc Beer who is the co-founder of Renovia Inc. Over the years that he has been the firm CEO and chairman he has led the company with vast knowledge to develop and commercialize in the field of biotechnology. The reason why Marc Beer puts in the efforts is so that he will come up with urinary incontinence treatment and what affects 250 million women pelvic floor disorder treatment. The first product that Renovia produced that was approved was Leva. That resulted from the food and drug administration which was approved in April 2018. The funding that Beer got after the first product to be accepted was that he got to participate in the Longwood Fund.

The Longwood Fund is a group that deals with investing in the health issues and they gave their full support to Renovia in the early stages. When Marc Beer was announcing the funding, he didn’t forget to express his appreciation for the support that the Longwood Fund offered. He has hopes that with the experience that he has he will continue to lead the firm in making good use of its innovative and proprietary technologies. Technologies are offering new opportunities that will be so useful in coming up with new treatment options. According to Marc Beer, he believes that the more understanding of the pelvic floor disorder the less it will cost in the treatment. The goal of Marc Beer Company is that they will offer a safe environment that the patients can get their pelvic floor muscles reclaimed.

The career that Marc Beer choose is challenging, but he got proper preparation for what was to come. He attended Miami University in 1987 where he gained his Bachelor in Science. Over the years he has been showing his skills in business and public areas. Marc offered his services to OvaScience where he was the strategic consultant. The company helps women with fertility problems and educates them on the option available. The commitment that he showed in his work made him become a member of the board of directors at Joe Andruzzi Cancer Foundation. The organization deals with helping cancer patients in giving them financial support and helps them with emotional stress too.

Marc Beer makes good use of the leadership abilities that he gained to relieve the concerns of patients. The interest that he has in so many things extended even to the academic community as well. He offers his time to the Miami University Business Advisory Council. The one thing that has enabled Marc Beer to excel in innovative leadership is an extraordinary commitment that he possesses. The guidance that he offers the people is highly complex. With all that is so that everyone will be able to benefit from all Marc has to offer. Learn more:


ClassDojo makes it Easy to Build an Amazing Classroom Community

ClassDojo makes it Easy to Build an Amazing Classroom Community

Elon Musk has done a lot to change the outlook of the education sector. Elon Musk’s Ad Astra School has teamed up with reputed educational software developer ClassDojo and have introduced a collection of “conundrums” that will change the learning environment. These conundrums are basically designed for elementary and middle school learners. They are set to expose targeted students to several critical and ethical thinking puzzles.

It is a new and distinctive tool for tutors and students and the conundrums offer a means to rely on and solve critical thinking problems as championed by Ad Astra. It is a tough decision to make as Ad Astra is not using the tool. These conundrums operate in a simple manner. They are designed to pose flexible ethical and critical thinking puzzles that the students have to think through the problem at hand and come up with likely solutions.

These questions are more complicated and challenging than most of the issues addressed at the elementary or middle school levels. These conundrums address an issue such as property rights as it is an imperative facet of a liberal society that most students wish to thrive in. To tackle the puzzles, students are advised to be open-minded, listen to each other and they are encouraged to think broadly as there is no right answer. Respect is also a key trait that students using these conundrums should hone in order to excel in their endeavours.

About ClassDojo

ClassDojo is one of the amazing educational tools that have been developed in recent years to improve the classroom environment. It makes it easy for students, tutors as well as their parents to share details on what happening within the classroom community. The ClassDojo software was released by Liam Don and Sam Chaudhary in 2011.

A large number of students and teachers in the world are using this software on daily basis. Interestingly, Class Dojo is available in more than 35 languages. Hence, if you speak any of the 35 languages, it is an effective learning platform to rely on.

Besides making communication easy between the parties involved, this educational app is also easy to use. You can also access it through any device you have at disposal whether it uses android or iOS among other platforms. For institutions and parents who want to enjoy a happier classroom environment, ClassDojo is the way to go.