Flavio Maluf’s Two Cents on the Brazilian Exports’ Records

Recently, the Secretariat of International Relations of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, and Supply unveiled the nature of exports for June in the Brazilian agribusiness sector. When compared to June the previous year, the records displayed a 0.7percent decrease as exposed by Flavio Maluf, president at Eucatex.

The month of June recorded a balance of trade in the agribusiness sector as earlier mentioned totaling to the US $8.17 billion (+0.7percent). Soy dominated the export segment covering 53.5percent of the entire exports while forest products held a 14.4percent input of exports, while meat products, sugar-alcohol, and coffee followed closely with 8.3percent, 7percent, and 3.9 percent respectively. View Maluf’s profile on linkedin.

Flavio Maluf confirms that Asia specifically China, has been the main stop point for most of Brazil’s exports for at least 12 months prior June 2018. The European Union followed closely behind Asia in receiving Brazil’s agricultural produce. Noting that the European Union is currently the world’s largest economic bloc, the export sales translated equally as good on the Brazilian market. The region marked an increased sale of soybeans at $97.4 million, $60.36 million from pulp, orange juice stamped at $35.4 million and green coffee at $17.64 million.

Anyone can read and understand the figures mentioned above translating to a part of the economy, but it takes special skills to put the math together, understand and find solutions for any uprising problems. For one man Flavio Maluf, agribusiness is in the blood. Although born into a dynasty, he worked his way to gain positions in the family business. Having graduated with a Mechanical engineering degree, he veered into a market where he convinced his family he would manage the family business in 1997.

Eucatex, one of the largest sawmills in Latin America has been in the agribusiness industry for more than six decades. Having borrowed the entrepreneurship blood and skills from his father and grandfather, Flavio Maluf was optimistic about being one of the most influential characters currently in the market. He has been phenomenal in the industry with the Ministry of Agriculture, livestock and food supply continually engaging him in policy making, regulations, and advancements in the sector.

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