Krishen Iyer is On The Move

One of the most up and coming online marketers of the industry today is a man called Krishen Iyer. He graduated from San Diego State University with a degree in Public Administration and Urban Development. He has also received certification to become an Insurance Agent.


Krishen Iyer is a dynamic entrepreneur marketing professional who has founded the company Managed Benefits Services. This online marketing company caters to clients who need technical development support, client interfacing and of course excellent marketing strategies for their health or dental insurance needs. The company will also lead management and consult any part of the health or dental insurance business. Apart from founding the Managed Benefits Service company, Krishen also owns the Iyer Real Estate company and several other small privately held companies.


One of the ways that Krishen Iyer is so valuable now is because of his expertise in the field of marketing and technology. He is driven by his natural curiosity to solve problems and his inquisitiveness has helped him to thrive in his career. Krishen is a very detail oriented person who takes the time to analyze all the pieces of the puzzle. One of the main focusses of his business is the communication service. His business model is based on the following concepts which entail him to always be asking questions, sharing big ideas with different viewpoints, and collaborating with colleagues and other businesses.


Aside from being an excellent entrepreneur, Krishen is also known to be very proactive in his community through his participation in clean-up projects for a local park as well as supporting international causes like the Haiti Relief project and sponsorship of an international child. He is known in the community to contribute to many different philanthropic events


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