Betsy Devos and the School Shooting Epidemic With a Past that May haunt her

The following article will be offering background information on Betsy Dee Devos, and it will recap the article and interview of her featured in Philanthropy, which is the serial magazine done four times a year, one every quarter, for the national magazine known as The Philanthropy Roundtable. Essentially, it is an important quarterly piece done with the same name as the publication it is contained in, and it featured her because in terms of national education, Betsy Devos, aside from President Trump has the final say so in the country right now over education decisions made by Secretary Devos that, at times, have look almost like unorthodox executive orders.


Politicizing the Tragedy


She has demonstrated some power and influence after getting picked on in the press and by the Parkland School parents and teachers who were anti-gun looking for a scapegoat and put no responsibility on the cowardly deputy law enforcement, but they blamed her, the NRA, and President Trump to cower behind their own fear of uncertainty. The talk about arming teachers with surplus guns was deemed a moral panic by the media. It is hard to say if this is a good decision or a bad on her part. One thing is for sure, school shooters do extensive amounts legwork, and Nicholas Cruz did his fair share of planning, and he planned so much that like many other school shooters, he caught the eye of law enforcement.



Betsy Devos Gaining Fame and Infamy


She got even more attention when it was suggested that maybe surplus guns should go to teachers to learn to defend themselves, their school and the lives of their students. Certain media organizations, lobbyists and parental groups zeroed in on Betsy Devos and the NRA again, yet she has yet to say such. Instead, the murderer, Nicholas Cruz, and certain members of the law enforcement were watching intently. It is probably a safe bet that since it was revealed how much planning goes into a school shooting that a gunman would prefer all his or her targets unarmed. Betsy Devos took a lot of heat for the incident, and so did the NRA and others for the acting and by the press when in a roundabout way was blamed for school violence made fun of treated unfairly and unwell in most corners of the press, but in what is commonly referred to as the mainstream media members of the media news networks seemed to be blaming everyone but Nicholas Cruz now. With the polarizing feelings concerning President Trump and a mild mannered Secretary Devos who had a quiet time in office since 2017, serving as the United States’ Secretary of Education, and since the position was created, Betsy Devos is the 11th person to have the honor and distinction of serving in the capacity as the top educator in the United States.


The information on her job title, description of her duties and any other information and descriptions regarding the immense duties of the Secretary of Education can be found in one article in this article of the Washington Post, and the other from an article in the Atlantic, which is also rich with her background and many current duties.


She has a had a lovely background and life, but the press has been particularly mean to the President and anyone he’s nominated or worked for. Betsy Devos may be a pretty woman full of charm, but also, she is an incredibly well connected and intelligent woman. She is the type of woman who will shove a surplus box of guns in front of a principal that has heard rumors of school shotings and be told to put down the first kid that brandishes a weapon. President Trump wants people willing to take those risks in his administration, and if she is not one of them, then she will not have a job much longer.


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What Jason Hopes Believes About Anti-Aging

Entrepreneur Jason Hope has been investing into research behind anti-aging. His interest may appear to be an obsession on the surface, but it’s more of a passion. Donating thousands of his own money, he is assured that there absolutely MUST be a way to slow down the aging process. One of his largest donations went to the SENS Foundation. This foundation, spearheaded by Aubrey de Grey, has become one of the most prominent foundations for the research behind anti-aging over the last five years. Find out more about Jason Hope on Arizona Capitol Times.

Jason Hope has always wondered if there is a better way to approach aging, mainly because it will impact the lives of all people at some point. Every year you get a year older. Why then is aging only researched once a harmful disease strikes for those who are aged adults? Jason Hope believes that there is a more holistic approach. This is why the research is rooted in the biotechnology industry that is focused on rejuvenation. A large conference that takes place each year,the Rejuvenation Biotechnology Conference is a place where researchers and experts can exchange ideas.

The uptick in neurological disorders among aged adults seems to have grown dramatically over the last decade or so. This is where Jason Hope believes that research on anti-aging can make a difference. It was in 2010 that he donated a half million to The SENS Foundation. Since that time Jason has continued to dedicate his time and funds to more research on anti-aging.

Jason Hope is an entrepreneur based out of Scottsdale, Arizona that is focused on the latest in technology. Although he studied Finance while attending the University of Arizona, Jason did obtain his MBA later at the W.P. Carey School of Business. Making great strides in his career from an early age has made a difference in his perspective on business and how to achieve massive success.



Krishen Iyer is On The Move

One of the most up and coming online marketers of the industry today is a man called Krishen Iyer. He graduated from San Diego State University with a degree in Public Administration and Urban Development. He has also received certification to become an Insurance Agent.


Krishen Iyer is a dynamic entrepreneur marketing professional who has founded the company Managed Benefits Services. This online marketing company caters to clients who need technical development support, client interfacing and of course excellent marketing strategies for their health or dental insurance needs. The company will also lead management and consult any part of the health or dental insurance business. Apart from founding the Managed Benefits Service company, Krishen also owns the Iyer Real Estate company and several other small privately held companies.


One of the ways that Krishen Iyer is so valuable now is because of his expertise in the field of marketing and technology. He is driven by his natural curiosity to solve problems and his inquisitiveness has helped him to thrive in his career. Krishen is a very detail oriented person who takes the time to analyze all the pieces of the puzzle. One of the main focusses of his business is the communication service. His business model is based on the following concepts which entail him to always be asking questions, sharing big ideas with different viewpoints, and collaborating with colleagues and other businesses.


Aside from being an excellent entrepreneur, Krishen is also known to be very proactive in his community through his participation in clean-up projects for a local park as well as supporting international causes like the Haiti Relief project and sponsorship of an international child. He is known in the community to contribute to many different philanthropic events


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Guilherme Paulus: The Start From The Bottom

Guilherme Paulus has been named one of the best businessmen in Brazil. He has been recognized by many International governments for the contributions that he has made to the tourism industry. He has been given titles such as Personality of the Year and Executive of Valor by several magazines in Brazil. He has successfully founded and co-founded several highly lucrative businesses. Read this article by Guilherme Paulus at Forbes.

Guilherme Paulus was born in 1949 in the country of Brazil. His original dream was to become a doctor, but his parents could not afford to provide him with the education that he needed for him to pursue this endeavor. He went on to earn a degree in Business Administration and later began working for the IBM company. Although computing taught him much, he soon realized that the calculations and numbers were not for him. He found the guidance that led him to find his passion in an advertisement in the local newspaper. The advertisement was placed by a travel agency named Casa Faro that was looking to hire a traveling salesman.

Guilherme Paulus quickly pursued this opportunity and found the joy of working in a travel agency. He soon formulated the dream of having his own travel agency. His dream came true when he met a politician during one of his business trips. The politician was fond of the way that Guilherme Paulus catered to the customers and offered him a partnership. The two entrepreneurs founded the CVC Travel Agency in 1972. The business partner left the venture only four years after its creation, and he sold his shares in the company to Paulus. In 1979, Guilherme Paulus faced many business challenges because of the newly implemented federal tax laws. Because of this, he almost had to shut down his company.

Guilherme did not give up and was soon rewarded when he received a phone call from one of the executives at Mercedes. The executive asked him for a quote for three buses. This was his saving grace that allowed him to make the CVC travel agency into the remarkable success story that it is known as today.

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Aloha Construction on Giving Back to the Community

Aloha Construction is a company based in Lake Zurich, Illinois. The CEO of the company Dave Farbaky has been successful in running the company for close to a decade now. Aloha Construction has been successful to complete almost 18,000 projects and in 2017it received the BBB Torch Award for Ethics, which is given to companies which operate in an ethical manner.


The CEO of Aloha Construction believes that it is important for small businesses to give back to their community because in one way or another the public contributes largely to the success of small businesses. The other benefit of giving back to the society is that it creates a good PR with community members and so it is a means of marketing the goods of the business and it will increase the business. When a small business sponsors local events it helps to create awareness among the community about the existence of that business.


The big question is how a small business can give back to the society. Well, there are three main ways in which a small business can give back to the society. One of the simplest ways is to get the business to be involved with a local organization in the community. Such organizations include charities and foundations which are aimed at helping the community at large. The second great way to give back to the society is to start a foundation that will give back to the society. Starting a business’s own foundation has the advantage of helping the business to stay in control of its charitable organizations.


The third way is for a business to sponsor a local event within the community and this will serve as a means of giving back to that community. This can be in the form of giving an annual donation. The other way can be through supporting a high school football team in the local area as Aloha Construction chose to do.

Sheriff Arpaio Was Pardonned For Doing Wrong Things

Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey had their socks knocked off when they found out that Sheriff Arpaio had been pardoned by the president. Arpaio had been known for years as a very conservative politician who strictly enforced laws. He was so conservative to the point where he was bigoted and insensitive.

The problem about conservative-minded people is that, to various extents, some of them can be so needlessly insensitive and judgmental to the point where they are hateful, mannerless, and disrespectful. Joe Arpaio fits the bill for these qualities because of the fact that he specifically went after a certain group of minorities—Latinos. Read more: Village Voice Media | Wikipedia and Jim Larkin | Crunchbase

Some people with conservative views are actually very tolerant and have different levels of certain views. Sometimes, people who are on the conservative side are conservative because they are passionate about a specific stance on a specific topic. However, this is not Sheriff Arpaio’s situation.

There is at least a molecule of irony in Sheriff Arpaio’s racial profiling because of the fact that his last name sounds Italian. At some point, Italians were less assimilated into American society and were looked at more as an undesirable minority group. They were profiled. However, as the years went on they blended in as whites and assimilated.

If you were a Latino on the road in Maricopa County in the 2000s, you were at risk of being profiled by cops—thanks to Sheriff Arpaio. Numerous people were detained—many of them not being illegal aliens.

Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey and others believe that Arpaio’s actions weren’t just wrong due to the fact that he labeled all Latinos “illegal.” They go so far as to argue that he shouldn’t have even been looking for illegal immigrants, to begin with. That, in itself was discrimination.

There is a laundry list of reasons for why it is wrong to do what he did to illegal immigrants. First off, it is inhumane to deny people the right to be in this country, whether or not they are legal, due to the fact that people have a natural right to go wherever they need to go for more opportunity. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

Secondly, a stronger argument would be that the United States has taken advantage of Latin America so much that a lot of the problems in Latin America might have something to do with intervention from America.

It is arguable to say that the United States and its citizens have some sort of moral responsibility to let Latin Americans into the country. After all, a lot of the prosperity that America gained during the 20th century happened because American businesses went into Latin America, caused turmoil, made people impoverished and profited.