Sussex Healthcare Celebrates 25 Years of Care

For more than 20 years, Sussex Healthcare has been on the front line offering healthcare to aged people adults who require specialized care. The healthcare company runs various facilities on the southern coast of England.

The healthcare facility is headed by two experienced leaders in different industries known as Shiraz Boghani and Shafik Sachedina. Sussex has greatly benefited from the divergent skills and background of these prominent leaders. The combination of Shafik’s experience in the medical field as a dental surgeon and Boghani’s vast background in managing hotels has helped the company to develop a vibrant and award-winning adult care facility.

The pioneer, Sussex Healthcare, was established in 1985. Currently, there are over 20 facilities that operate under the facility’s umbrella which include a world-class gym and daycare facility together with their comprehensive care residential homes.

The primary objective of the company is to operate live-in facilities for older adults who are suffering from dementia and Alzheimer. On top of that, it has live-in facilities for young people suffering from neurological disabilities and other cognitive problems. Sussex Healthcare specializes in managing the facilities that cater to people with extensive care needs and those with requirements that are more limited.

The company works with experienced caregiving service providers and support teams that are highly skilled and devoted to taking care of anyone who contacts the Healthcare facilities home. The company strives to train, offer continuing education to their caregivers alongside with the competitive compensation. These are some of the things that motivate the caregivers to be committed when offering the services.

All the services offered by Sussex are based on an ideology that believes every individual deserves continual and affordable access to leisure, social and recreational activities. The simple preface of physical health does not help much and for this reason, the lives that people experience in Sussex Healthcare are worth fighting for.

The company provides a wide range of facilities that comprise programs that strive to encourage residents to remain active and engaged in their environments. This includes personalized leisureliness and activities plans depending on the interests of the residents.

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