Lime Crime Bringing Lipsticks and More to the UK

When it comes to makeup companies, no one is more diverse than Lime Crime. Lime Crime is a company that specializes in bright, bold, and unique makeup. That’s because the founder and creator of the company believes that everyone should be able to wear the makeup that makes them feel comfortable.

When it comes to makeup companies, Lime Crime sets themselves apart from the crowd by offering a selection that appeals to those who have a true passion for makeup. The company was created because Doe Deere saw that there was a need for makeup that wasn’t the typical nude colors that were in demand. Deere knew that there were people out there, people like her, who craved colors that were bright and bold.

There’s good news for those across the globe. This cosmetic company is expanding into the UK. There are makeup lovers all over the globe and this is just one more way that this product can get into the hands of those who love it. People in the UK love fashion and they love making a statement with a bold lip color.

One of the most popular aspects of this company appears to be their lipsticks. They have a line of ‘plushies’ which are a non-opaque lipstick designed to enhance your natural color. These come in matte shades of reds, browns, oranges, and browns. They’re for those who want to add a little pop of color to their lips without going over the top.

This company also offers ‘wet cherry’ glosses. These products offer a gorgeous shimmer that you can wear on its own or over a different shade. These sparkly shades are perfect for anyone who wants to make a statement with their lips. The best part is that they’re not sticky and they won’t make your lips feel heavy and weighed down.

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