Penelope Kokkinides and her role in Innovacare.   

 Innovacare health is a Company that deals with health and offers physicians practices services and managed Medicare plans to the people of all races. The company is located in Fort Lee, New Jersey and its mission is always to overcome the challenges that mostly faced the health sectors and so to improve in providing the healthcare service to all citizens without discrimination, this helped the patients as they were able to interact freely with the providers.

The Innovacare health was formed in December 2012 when the management team sold out some of the North America Medical Management, founded by an able leader, president and CEO Richard Shinto in the late 90s when he had decided to join North America Medical Management in California abbreviated as NAAM. Early June 2016, the company announced the addition of three hardworking, able leaders and among them was Penelope Kokkinide who later became the CEO. Penelope Kokkinide through her determination and struggles worked tirelessly to ensure that the health industry company is improved the health of the people in Puerto Rico.

under his position of the Chief Administrator Officer he always aimed at providing accessible and affordable services to the customers by employing some technologies. Kokkinide as a health practitioner who has worked for many years has specialised in government-sponsored programs like the Medicare and Medicaid. Her primary goal was to ensure that the company provides cost-effective access to high quality and affordable programs.

Penelope was among the top ten women to meet the president of the United States of America, Donald Trump to discuss the healthcare services that are provided to all the citizens. In the ongoing meeting, Penelope emphasized the importance of dedicating all the necessary funds for the development of the Puerto Rico Medicare Health. She noted that the funds provided to the health care had reduced a lot and so it was a high time for the President to come out and help the Healthcare sector.

She also pointed out that her company Innovacare health was assisting many individuals in her favour with discrimination and if the funds provided were not enough then it could destroy a lot of people in his company. President Trump was impressed by Penelope’s work in the healthcare delivery system, and he acknowledged many people appreciated the critical roles that women do in the healthcare system such as doctors, nurses and experts in the healthcare and their dedication to their work.


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