A Financial Institution With Continued Growth

NexBank Capital, Inc. is an institution that continuously experiences growth on high levels. The company created $283 million capital since 2016. This was achievable with the latest advent of a $54 million private placement on BBB grade stable securities.

NexBank’s high performing security notes can be designated as forms of supplementary capital. This type of capital includes such instruments as revaluation reserves, hybrid stock, and so forth. These subordinated notes are not be considered core equity, Tier 1 capital. NexBank Capital, Inc. carries an excellent health grade of A+ in deposit growth. The company ranks as the 11th most influential financial institutions in the state of Texas. It supersedes its competition by offering dynamic fully-integrated financial services nationwide.

NexBank extends personal, corporate, and institutional financial services to a plethora of diverse clientele. Corporate and commercial customers make up a majority of the bank’s business. NexBank utilizes a tailored approach to meet their customers demanding financial needs on a continuous basis. They stay in front of the financial industry by updating and streamlining their processes, resulting in optimum lines of banking products and services. NexBank takes pride in offering financial expertise via corporate advisory services, commercial banking, investment banking, and mortgage banking.

NexBank has grown since its inception in 1922. It humbly originated in Terrell, Texas then moved its base to Dallas, Texas in 2004. NexBank ranks as the 150th largest bank in the United States today. The financial institution now has 88 employees across three sites in central Dallas. As of December 2017, NexBank hails with $8.4 billion in apportionable assets. The company applies aggressive efforts to promote sustainable growth. NexBank generates capital at steady intervals, reports have recently confirmed that the company netted $46 million during the first half of 2017. This type of growth is significant in the overall standing of a solid financial institution. It speaks to how the rest of the year will flow asset wise and to future growth for the thriving bank.

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