Doe Deere, Beauty Unicorn To The Dreamers

Doe Deere Dreams Intricate Color Ideas


Colors can take the form of art in many aspects of the idea, but Unicorn Queen, and marketing specialist, Doe Deere, always had a design ideas for colors and cosmetics. Unfortunately, not all of her associates agreed with her ideas of colors in the beginning, but it continued to be her passion. Dreaming of colors would cause her to have to put her ideas in motion and neglected the disapproval of others. Her persistence paid off and the birth of her cosmetics would create a long standing competitor for other big name brands.


Recent Doe Deere Online Interview


The popular online magazine, the Story Exchange, sat doyen to talk to Deere about her cosmetics and ideas for success. Deere was mild mannered and gentle with her words as she insists that dreamers have to be the passion behind their craft. You have to set goals and meet them without being afraid to take significant business risks. She was one of the first to bring forth hard to find colors to help her wearers find their unique identity with the help of colors. Discover how colors from the Lime Crime brand like Red Velvet can accent your best features.


Doe Deere: Bio Information


The youthful beauty got her start in marketing at the tender age of thirteen in her native Russia. It didn’t take Deere long to brand and market novelty tattoos to sell to her friends. She quickly discovered how she enjoyed making her friends happy and would love to continue to market great products. She would later go to design school ad receive her certification. Later, she would also have a short stench in a rock band and find her better half in the soloist of a separate band.


The Lime Crime Brand


Find great color shades and spectacular hues for your eyes and lips. Lime Crime fans were one of the very view cosmetics willing to try the matte formula which was a hit among its wearers. The idea was a unique blend of colors that were hard to find with other wearers. Young adults, beauty professionals, and entertainers love the waterproof Lime Crime coverage. You’ll find the perfect color time and time again to highlight your best features. Their touch-free liquid eye-liner is also one of their popular cosmetics among their users.


Doe Deere Launches Dreamers Initiative


From using her products to rescue stray cats to lending advice to other aspiring business professionals, Deere says, you must be the fire behind your unique talent. The thought of vegan cosmetics was unheard of and many people doubted her concept, but she later discovered hypoallergenic products are becoming popular for sensitive skin suffers who crave natural skin products. Today, more people prefer all-natural products over other products with harsh by-products and tested on animals. Join the Lime Crime family exclusively from their website or find exclusive products at select participating elite retail department stores.


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