A Look At The Containment Of Securus Technologies

Understanding Security And The Infiltrating Mind


The private sector employs the best thinkers in the world.


This sector works on technology that only government agencies could fund and have the need to develop. There’s an infiltration potential within every private agency and facility in the United States. Some of these infiltrations come in the form of stolen data, communication breeches or physical sabotage.


There’s a need to keep private industry safe. This protection is a process that matches technology’s advancement. Securus Technologies is a leading agency in the American states. This firm is leveraging a larger security platform and by better understanding the nature of infiltrations. The research is also leading to major breakthroughs.



There Are Real Threats To Our Safety


The lives we live are absent of the real threats that exist in society. These threats are often more real within the private industries. The threats major of private facilities come with the onset of wireless technology. Wireless technology needs unseen signals, large antennas and a growing data center to operate in all facets.


The threat on these systems comes from public access. Being open to the public means that the conversations we have are heard by others, the information we send is captured by unwanted people and the storage of data gets infiltrated without a means to stop it. This is the threat of having an open wireless system.



Nothing Goes In And Nothing Goes Out


The simple solution of Securus Technologies was to create a wireless system of its own. This is a system where major service providers are going to cooperate. The construction of this setup lets Securus capture any signal, conversation or infiltration as it happens, where it happens and with the knowledge of who.


The system is a replication of the system our own cell phones use but with a lot more security components added in. The security of wireless can only be guaranteed when you can isolate activity and within a live module. This is what Securus Technologies has enabled, and it’s a massive wireless system for the private industry.


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