Jordan Lindsey: No News is Good News

The $5.3 billion forex market hates uncertainty. Even a heavily anticipated event like the monthly release of non-farm payroll numbers can turn the market upside down. However, sudden “breaking news” has the potential to wreak complete havoc. That is the main reason why you should always set a stop loss. It is your safety net. Without a stop loss, your forex account is in perpetual danger of being wiped out by an unanticipated news event.

Mr. Jordan Lindsey, the founder of JCL Capital, has advised forex traders for several years, of the mindset needed to achieve financial independence through trading forex. His approach is counterintuitive to many traders who see forex trading as a way of making fast money. That plan will never work in the forex market. In fact, the market regularly crushes such dreamers as though it were a law of physics to do so.

Jordan Lindsey is fond of telling traders to stick to their plans. Thus they will stick to their goals. A trading plan must take into account many factors, not the least of which is breaking news. Macroeconomics falls under the category of what is known as fundamental analysis. Any news event which can disrupt the worldwide economic system would be considered a significant driver of prices in the forex market. Traders owe it to themselves to have a plan in place for how they will handle such events. The conservative approach would be to exit the market and wait for things to cool off.

Jordan Lindsey advises that traders think like investors and savers. As such, the prudent approach is to manage your trading account to preserve your capital. Traders must remember that trading is all about managing risk. Alternatively, it is more important to protect your profits than it is to try and earn more. A wise trader looks at every trading opportunity as if it were a car sitting on a lot of a used car dealer. You can buy the car if you dare but don’t blame the dealer when you get the shocking news that your car needs a new engine. Word of the unexpected has a way of suddenly materializing out of the blue, so always be on guard for it.

Elysium Health’s Supplement, Basis

Elysium Health is a new consumer science company that was founded in 2014 by Dr. Leonard Guarente. The company works together with world-class scientists from universities such as Oxford, Cambridge, and Harvard to help people live healthier, longer. Dr. Guarente himself has conducted significant research in the field of genetic and molecular causes of aging during his career.

To help him with the business side of things, Dr. Guarente founded Elysium Health together with Eric Marcotulli and Dan Alminana. Marcotulli worked in venture capital prior to becoming the CEO of Elysium Health. Alminana worked in investment banking and now serves as the COO of Elysium Health.

Elysium Health produces a supplement called Basis. Basis works to increase levels of NAD+ in our cells. This critical coenzyme is key to many of our essential cellular functions, like cellular respiration, DNA protection, and energy creation. But as we age levels of NAD+ decline in our cells and those functions break down. Basis keeps those NAD+ levels higher, supporting those functions and our cellular well-being.

Basis is vegan, vegetarian, nut-free, and gluten-free. This allows you to stick to your dietary needs while taking Basis, even if you have allergies or a strict diet to consider.

Basis has been clinically proven to increase levels of NAD+ by an average of 40 percent.

Basis is available for purchase on Elysium Health’s website. An individual jar of the supplement costs $60 and contains a month’s worth of capsules. A monthly subscription to Basis costs $50 per month. A six-month subscription is the most popular option that people buy, which costs $270 ($45 per month).

More information on Elysium Health, the company’s team, and the science behind Basis can be found on Elysium’s website.

For the Future: Louis Chenevert

Louis Chenevert has had quite a career. He helped pioneer a new engine and helped revolutionize the aerospace industry. His biggest and most important legacy can be seen at a company called United Technologies Corporation (UTC). Before he became the president and CEO of the company he was able to work his way up in the business and figure out not only short-term policies for his companies but think long-term as well. This is the genius of Louis Chenevert on display.

Louis Chenevert took on the job of CEO of UTC in 2006. In s short span of eight years he completely turned the business around and made sure the company was in good hands when he stepped down from the position in 2014. How did Louis Chenevert achieve such a remarkable feat? First, he knew that the strength of the company was in two places and had to make sure that both sections were competitive on a global scale. He made sure that his employees could finish their degrees in the profession of their choice and he brought in the latest technology for UTC to use in order to be competitive. One of the technological marvels that he brought to UTC was a brand new geared turbofan (GTF) engine that he designed himself over a period of years. The new engine could burn hotter without using as much energy as previous engines.

Louis Chenevert also made sure that he invested quite a bit of money into the company so that it could be at the top of the heap. By investing in the workers as well as new technological advancements Louis Chenevert made sure that the company would survive even the roughest of economic times. By investing in the people who work for him he made sure that they were loyal and had the skills necessary to push the company far into the future long after he stepped down.

Thanks to the innovative vision of a man named Louis Chenevert UTC can press on well into the future. That will make not only the employees but Louis Chenevert happy too.

Above and Beyond Expectations? Yep, That’s Waiakea Water

We know what you are thinking, bottled water is simply that, bottled water. HA! Boy have you been misinformed. Wait, that’s not your fault. The fault lies with the bottled water companies and their marketing. The main problem with bottled water that people have is that the bottle is made from a plastic that often shows up in a landfill or the ocean. This is so not cool. There is one bottled water company who is going above and beyond what we expect and that company is Waiakea Water. So, how are they going above and beyond? Well, it all starts in Hawaii.

Let’s talk about Waiakea water pH. The water is around 7.8 or 8.8 pH and that’s awesome for a natural bottled water. How do they do that using a natural process? Well, Waiakea is known as Hawaii volcanic water because t is filtered by using a volcano. The water slowly drips down into 14,000 feet of rock, volcanic rock. That makes for some amazing volcanic water benefits and to top it off, it’s just very cool to say you are drinking volcanic water imported from Hawaii. Oh, yes it still comes in a plastic bottle and it is delivered with a delivery truck.

We know what you are thinking, the bottle and the truck are harsh on the environment so is Waiakea part of the problem or the solution? Well, as luck would have it, the company is so concerned about being eco-friendly, they have solved both problems. They have developed a biodegradable bottle, the world’s first. They also use low emission trucks to deliver that water and as a result are reducing their carbon footprint. Now, that is going above and beyond, don’t you think? We do! They also provide clean drinking water to people at no cost to them through using a community give back program and so much more. They are really producing a Hawaii volcanic water that you can be happy to drink and offer to friends. It’s always best to recycle the bottle after you are done, but their bottle will break down in about 15 years vs the 1000 years it takes other plastic bottles. Yes, have a sip of Waiakea water, drink in the volcanic water benefits and let those numbers sink in.

Jeunesse Global: Putting the You Back in Youth

When Jeunesse drew its first breath, there were only two people in the world who knew how successful it would be: Wendy Lewis and Randy Ray. Inveterate enterprisers of the humble sort, the duo set out to create a new health company with a new vision to bring age-prevention and -reversal products to the world, and that’s exactly what they ended up doing. Today, Jeunesse Global stands keenly by the symbol of the number 9, which is said to represent a long and fulfilling life — the very aim of Jeunesse’s product line.

In the wake of other entrepreneurial successes, Randy and Wendy fired up Jeunesse with the Youth Enhancement System (Y.E.S.) in mind: a nine-point process that was designed with a mix of proprietary all-natural blends and a grasp of what made the human body tick. As you grow older, your body may lose its ability to function like it once did thanks to breakdowns that occur on the cellular and genetic level. This owes to toxins, free radicals and dietary deficiencies that develop into illness over the years. While Y.E.S. isn’t cited to cure any disease, it does provide the body with the resources it needs to restore a condition of general wellness.

Walking the Nine-Fold Path

Y.E.S. is a unique regimen in that it doesn’t present every product in exactly the same fashion. Each of the nine product categories in Y.E.S. is actually broken into multiple smaller products under that category, and they all play a role toward supporting one specific aspect of the body. For example, Essentials is broken into two bottles: AM and PM, one for daytime performance and the other for a good night’s rest. Luminesce meanwhile offers top-notch skin care that’s scattered over six different topical products that are all tasked with putting the U back in youth.

Jeunesse’s product line is all-natural and presents a very limited spectrum of contraindications as a result. In addition, Y.E.S. is intended for adults of all ages. The success of this regimen has led many to swear by the health company‘s promise to promote longevity.