Julia Jackson: Titan of Her Craft

Julia Jackson’s presence in the social scene is a welcome sight. She rubs elbows with notable big names and has even posed for a picture with British royals. She has given personal invitations to tour the family vineyards and has gifted bottles of the family wines at Hollywood galas. This is a great marketing strategy from a woman who attributes her smarts and business acumen to her parents. She attained a Bachelor’s Degree from Scripps College before further studying General Business Management at Stanford School of Business. Her life experiences, as well as her education, have made her an invaluable asset to the Marketing department at the Jackson Family Wines. She has done an exemplary job of introducing the wines to a new generation of wine enthusiasts and more information click here.

Hard Work Since Childhood

For as long as she can remember, Julia has always had a passion for wines. She remembers, fondly, picking grapes in 100-degree weather. She even spent a summer in Bordeaux immersing herself in the wine making processes and general French culture. Her opinion is revered and well sought after by industry leaders. In her opinion, Sonoma is a great place for Cabernets, and the company’s Verite is proof of that and learn more about Julia Jackson.

Passionate About the Welfare of Women

Julia Jackson appreciates strong women immensely. She admires her mother, Barbara Banke, and sources inspiration from her. This has led to the birth of a program to recognize women who have overcome tremendous hurdles in life and those who encourage others to do the same. Cambria Seeds of Empowerment pledges $100,000 annually to nonprofit organizations that foster equality, community, and spirit.

Among the beneficiaries is a program that works to redesign the Tanzanian economic models to allow for a more active female participation. Julia’s charming and warm personality coupled with respect for the Jackson Family Wines brand has and will open doors for her and the company.

Kim Dao – A Popular Blogger From Australia

Kim Dao is a popular social media influencer, blogger, and YouTuber who has worked with several brands. She is known for expression of her expertise and passion when it comes to subjects relating to travel, makeup, and fashion. Being an Australian, Kim Dao studied Japanese and Psychology while pursuing her Bachelor’s Degree from Western Australia University. Kim Dao started her blogging career in 2011. This is the time when she visited Japan for the first time. Even though her first blog was something related to her first trip to Japan, it gained interest among readers who were seeking for an enlightening and entertaining resource about traveling. After realizing that she had potential in blogging, Kim Dao decided to expand the content of her site, which currently includes information about popular cultures, travel, fashion, and makeup. Learn more: http://www.kimdaoblog.com/

According to Kim Dao, the increasing number of readers on her site was an indication of an exponential increase in her talent. As a result, Kim became actively involved in social media platforms. She started developing YouTube videos as one of the methods of interacting with her loyal readers. Kim also depends on her frequent interactions with her followers for the generation of new ideas. With her popularity across several digital platforms, Kim Dao has experienced the opportunity to work with numerous notable brands. She has appeared in several outlets of Japanese television and Australian media organizations as well. Kim Dao did not plan to become a famous blogger. The idea of Kim Dao Blog started when she documented her first journey to Japan. Learn more: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/kim-dao

The Superior Recognition Alexandre Gama has Received for his Work in Advertising

     Alexandre Gama is the founder and CEO of a Brazilian advertising agency known as Neogama. Not only is his agency one of Brazil’s largest, it is also one of the country’s most recognized. Neogama had the distinctive honor of winning two awards from the Cannes film festival held in 2003. These awards were given for the categories of film and press. As a Brazilian advertising agency, Neogama is often associated with publicity, which is the country’s expression for the type of work performed to publicize the goods or services offered by a business. In association with its efforts to publicize, Neogama also received the Cabore Prize for being named the Agency of the Year in 2002.

Although Alexandre Gama’s advertising agency has been the recipient of several awards, Mr. Gama himself has been recognized as a leader in his industry for many years. During the four years he spent working for a company known as DM9, he was recognized as being the recipient of the most awards given to a writer from Brazil. As one of Brazil’s leading entrepreneurs, Alexandre Gama has also taken an active interest in the film and advertising fields. In 2004 he was chairman of the jury for the British association of the International Film Jury. In 2012, Mr. Gama joined the Board of the Brazilian Association of Advertising Agencies, through which he has helped publicize and defend the interests of all Brazilian agencies within the field of advertising. By 2017, Alexandre Gama had won more than 25 awards from Cannes.