Wild Ark Travel: African Wilderness Trails Six Day Experience

The importance of preserving and maintaining our natural environments around the world is highly underestimated. Wild Ark Travel realizes this and provides a satisfactory appreciation for all types of natural ecosystems around the world. Without people to actively preserve these areas, it is possible that many species could go extinct; as well as experience the loss of a valuable plethora of green locations still in existence. The African six day Trail experience will help to sharpen your senses and cause a deep appreciation for nature to settle in the hearts and minds of anyone from around the world.Learn more : http://wildark.com/our-story/


Although challenging at times, this trip will help create a sense of wonder as you lay out under the stars; uninhibited by the bright lights of every day life absorbing the essence of mother nature. For those looking to feed their passion for wilderness and the many critters dwelling therein, this is an immaculate experience. It will deepen your appreciation for the ecosystems of Africa and will also help to develop camping basics and the aspects of survival.Learn more : https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/wild-ark#/entity


Sleeping under the canopy of the African night will stimulate the senses and imagination. We often only see these things on television or the internet, but nothing can compare to the fresh air and the actual glow of the stars in a natural environment. Wild Ark Travel recognizes the need for solitude and the appreciation of African beauty. Everything will feel in sync as you gaze at the wondrous heavens above while cooking on an open campfire with your knowledgable field guides “EcoTraining.”Learn more : http://wildark.com/get-in-touch/


The ultimate mission of Wild Ark is to ensure the preservation of these stunning environments on the African plains and many others. If you have a deep affection for the nature in your location, then you will share the same enthusiasm with them. Nothing can compare to the feeling of laying under the stars, anticipating a day full of adventure and explorative learning. Protection of these delicate ecosystems is Wild Ark’s first priority, and it will be an experience of a lifetime!Learn more : http://www.wildlife-arc.org.au/

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